My Own Backyard

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“My Own Backyard” Reviews

I have traveled all over the world, and have met hundreds of thousands of people. Danny Nicholson stands alone among those people. I have stood in his backyard (literally where he lives today) and I have stood with him on many occasions in his allegorical backyard as he describes in this book. Danny is one of the most authentic, deeply caring human beings I have ever met! He is a genuine “pilgrim” whose heart and journey have always been in the right direction. This book takes you inside that “journey” and gives you a glimpse of what it means to say “Yes” to life and to discover what really matters, and in the end, what’s most important! Some people say you should plant a garden in your backyard, Danny says there’s already one there, go find it!

Gene Cotton, Singer/Songwriter,Nashville, Tennessee

"The volume you hold in your hand is a treasure because the man who wrote it is a treasure. Anyone who has the great fortune to know Danny Nicholson will agree. The acknowledgements in this volume are long - longer than normal. That's because Danny has a heart full of love and appreciation. Not only for his backyard and his stories and his songs but people. Especially people. 
Enjoy this treasure from the heart of Danny."

Ruth Graham, Ruth Graham Ministries

Danny is a singer, a poet, a storyteller. To read Danny is to feel that beautiful heart beating, for home, to be rocked in the cradle of your own childhood memories. He is our brother, our fellow pilgrim on the way. Looking for a way home to your  memories? Why not take a stroll through "My Own Backyard" with Danny and remember what life and love is all about!!

J. Randall O'Brien
President, Carson Newman University